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About Me

I was born and raised in Canada or CND (that's C-eh-N-eh- D-eh).  I come from a very musical family so by heredity I taught myself how to play guitar in the early 80's.  Most of my playing was only for family and friends at family get-togethers. Shortly after I started playing my creativity kicked in and I started writing songs. Although the early pieces were rough and not very good it was a good way for me to express my emotions. In the late 80's I played guitar and sang with a couple of gentlemen one summer playing old country music at tourist camps etc. Yes I grew up on country music as well as rock. To me music is music, it looks the same on paper and it sparks some kind of emotion at one point or another. So as far as playing in a rock band this is my first. Yes I was a virgin of the rock band before "Random Impulse".  As a band I love the diversity of our styles as I have always loved old rock and blues and with these boys I get to incorporate all of the styles I enjoy.  As well I am constantly improving my playing ability with the challenges of learning new songs all the time.